Which Animals Resemble Man?

            We all knew that man has evolved from animals over thousands of years. As a result there are few other animals which resemble man in different aspects. Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Orangutan are some of the animals which resemble man in many respects. These are a kind of monkeys without a tail. They are found in the dense jungles of Africa and Asia.


            Among these animals the chimpanzee has the closest resemblance to man. In fact the bone structure of all these animals has many similarities to that of man. The number of their teeth and the constitution are similar to ours. Like human beings they also have wrinkles. On their forehead and their skulls are also similar to ours. Even their blood is like ours. However they cannot speak like us. They eat flowers, leaves stem, fruits, insects and birds eggs.


            Gorillas re generally as tall as human beings but heavier and stronger. They live in groups of 20 to 30. The young ones live with their parents till they become adults. Young gorillas sleep on trees while the adults sleep on the ground. They are generally peace loving animals but once teased of wounded, they start beating their breasts. They can produce a drumming sound from their mouth and their skin is black.


            Chimpanzee is the cleverest of all these animals. It can imitate many habits of man. Its body is covered with black hair. Unlike gorilla and chimpanzee the orangutan is almost completely arboreal. It has bony cursers over the top of its skull. Its forehead is higher than that of gorilla and chimpanzee the lips protrude and the eras are small. All these animals belong to the same groups to which we belong.