What is a Dragon?

            Everyone has heard of dragons these mythical creatures are used in almost every fantasy story. Do you know what exactly a dragon. Dragon is a legendary dreadful monster that never existed in reality. It is a musical beast born out of people’s imagination ling time ago. The belief in this creature apparently arose without the slightest knowledge on the part of the ancients about the gigantic, prehistoric dragon like reptiles.


            The word ‘Dragon’ come the Greek word garcon which was used for a large serpent. But dragon as a monster is depicted as a huge fire breathing bat winged scaly lizard or snake with a barbed tail. In later period it mostly remained in the shape of a snake. In the eastern world where shake are large and deadly a dragon symbolized evil. But in the west it was accepted both as a symbol of good and evil depending on circumstances. The Christians and Jews perceived it as evil and dangerous. In Christian art dragon represented sin and sorrow.  

            The form and appearance of dragon varied from place to place. The Babylonian dragon had four legs while the biblical dragon was described as a many headed creature like the Greek hydra. In wartimes it was used as an emblem representing velour. In the 20th century the dragon was officially incorporated in the armorial bearings of the Prince of Wales. The Chinese dragon known as lungs appears as the national symbol of china. The Japanese as well as Chinese dragons are usually wingless. Dragon images are also used in the north eastern states of India as well as in Bhutan during different festivals.

            The komodo dragons found in some Indonesian islands are in fact very large lizards. However the dragons in their general sense are still mythical figures.