How Can We Reach The Bottom of The Sea?

            Man has always been curious about the various secrets hide in spaces beyond his reach. He has tried to find out these secrets of the universe. From the very beginning, man has been interested in exploring the bottom of the sea. He has been anxious to know about varies substances found on the seabed. Do you know how man goes inside the sea to explore its depths?

Bathyscaphe can take on a journey to the bottom of the sea

            A special vessel called ‘bathyscaphe’ is used for going into the deep sea. A Swiss scientist named August Piccard in the late 1940s developed this vessel. The first bathyscaphe was fabricated in Belgium between 1946 and 1948. However after a few trips to the sea it broke down in 1948. After this, the second bathyscaphe was made. It made its first voyage as it went down to the depth of 4,000 meters in the Atlantic Ocean on February 15, 1954.

            Jacques Piccard, son of August Piccard made an improved bathyscaphe which went to a depth of 10,916 meters inside the Pacific Ocean on January 23, 1960. This broke the previous world record. The name of this bathyscaphe was Trieste.

            A bathyscaphe has two main parts. One part, made of steel is called cabin. It can accommodate two people. The other part made of some light metal, floats on water. It stores gasoline and two air vessels. To enable the bathyscaphe to move on the surface of the sea, these vessels are filled with air. However, before taking it into the sea, the vessels are filled with water. And the weight of this water causes it amount of air and water in these vessels it can be taken to the desired depth. Nowadays, this vessel the use of battery powered motors provides this helps to study the marine research in a shorter period.