Does a Black Cat Bring Bad Luck?

            Have you someone telling you that a black cat crossing the road is a bad omen and you should not walk on the road if the cat has just passed by? Do you know why a cat in general and a black cat in particular are considered inauspicious?

A Black Cat

            Superstitions have taken various forms over the centuries but one of the most common superstitions that still prevail is that of the black cat. Many people all over the world regard the sight of a black cat as inauspicious.

            The thought that a black cat is inauspicious is a mere superstition. This superstition goes back to a belief of thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats.  They had a goddess called past whose head resembled that of a cat. They believed this goddess had nine lives. Whenever a black cat died in Egypt, its dead body was preserved as a mummy remains of thousands of black cats have bee recovered fro, a cemetery of Egypt. Killing a ct was then considered an offence, punishable with a death sentence. Thus, people had a great fear of the sight of a black cat.

            During the middle ages witches and witch doctors used the skull of a black cat to prepare mysterious medicines. As a result people started thinking that bad omen. People have believed in this superstition for many centuries. The cat is a pet animal being domesticated from past 5,000 years.