Does any Bear Wear Glasses?

            The kingdom of animals has always been source of fun, amusement and entertainment for man. We often discover amazing and interesting features and characteristics that are peculiar and unique to a particular type of animal alone. So when we say there exists a type of bear that wear spectacles, it sounds amazing, buy is it true?

A Spectacle Bear

            The truth is that the visual appearance of its face gives the spectator an impression that it is wearing a pair of glasses. In reality, lines of white-colored fur encircle its eyes and these circular lines around the eyes, look like spectacles from a distance.

            This spectacled bear is found in tropical South America. It is very small in size. An interesting pattern is made on its facial area when a creamy yellow snout with fur of the same color runs down from the nose and sometimes it makes a ring around the eyes. These rings are the so called glasses. These bears are also called the Andean bear. Some have only the bottom half of their glasses, whereas some have the eye-rings so thick that they encircle the face.

            Although there is only one species of spectacled bear known as Termarctos ornatus, there are different kinds of facial markings found within the same species. Though all bears can climb trees, the spectacled bear is an expert climbing through the branches to feed on leaves, fruits and nuts.

            The spectacled bear is the smallest among the bears. The adult is up to 64 cm 2 feet at the shoulders, 120 to 180 cm 4-6 feet in total length, with about 7 cm long 3 inch tail. The color of its shaggy coat varies from dark brown to black. It weighs less than 135 kilograms. Although, it may feed on small mammals, deer, guanacos and vicunas, it’s usually lives in cool mountain forests.
            Litters of one to three cubs have bee born in captivity after a gestation period of 8-8 ½ months.