Can a Scorpion Kill a Man?

            Everyone is scared of scorpions because their sting can be deadly, but they do not go out of their way to brother humans. Scorpions are small insect-like creatures that belong to the class arachnidan. They live in the tropical areas of the world. They hide in dark places, under logs or stones, and wait for their prey.

A Scorpion

            Their fossil history dates back 400 million years, and it is believed that hey must have been among the earliest of land-living arthropods. Today, about 600 species of scorpions have been studied.

            Scorpions are normally sky creatures, and lead a solitary life. In homes, they find safe hiding places in shoes, beds and even under the carpets, and if threatened or disturbed, they sting repeatedly. However, the severity of the sting varies from species to species. Though its sting is very painful, normally it is not fatal.

            However, some tropical species like the Egyptian scorpion, Lemurs, can be very dangerous and may even cause death. The poison acts by paralyzing the nerves of the heart and the chest muscles. In the United States and Mexico, more people die form scorpion stings than from snakebites.

            These deadly scorpions are usually black or yellow in color, ranging form 1.3 to 17.5 cm in length.

            The body of a scorpion can be divided into two major parts. The first part is the cephalothoraxes, which comprises the head and the chest. The hind part is a long abdomen, which tapers to form tail. The tail has a sting at the tip. Scorpions have a pair of claws and four pairs of legs. The claws are like pincers and used to capture their prey. Scorpions use the sting, which is located at the tip of the tail, to stun or kill their prey.

            Scorpions are nocturnal animals i.e., active mainly at night. They feed largely on insects, spiders and other small animals. The female scorpions bear their young alive. The newly born scorpion babies stay with the mother for several days, clinging to her body with their tiny pincers.

            The sting is a curved organ at the end of its tail and two glands at the base give out a position that flows form two process. Most people fear the scorpion because of its sting. However, most scorpions do not sting human beings unless troubled, and prefer to retreat rather than fight.