Can Animals Reason?

            It is generally believed that animals do not have reasoning power but it is not true. They do have the power of reasoning but it is much less as compared to human beings. The degree of reasoning varies from animal to animals and even within species.

Monkeys are the most Intelligent of all Animals

            Some experiments have led to the conclusion that monkeys and apes have better power of reasoning than other animals. An experiment was conducted to test the reasoning power of monkey. In these experiments two wooden boxes were placed in a room and a bunch of bananas was hung at a height beyond the reach of the monkeys. When a monkey was left alone in the room it liked at the bunch of bananas for some time and then liked at the boxes. It put one box on top of the other and then climbed on them. Thus proved that the monkeys could think and find a way to reach the bananas. Again a monkeys is an animal that can also discriminate colors. It can be trained and taught to learn many tricks.

            Scientists believe that dogs, cats and some other animals can also reason up to some extent. For instance per dogs can be trained to learn many things. You might have seen a beat show in which the bear acts according to the commands of its master it is obvious that it uses its memory in it’s for food. Whenever they see any food they fly down to eat it. The lizard approaches its prey very cautiously and carefully. This indicates that the lizard uses reasoning to capture its prey.

            If you look at birds nests, you have to concede that a cretin amount of reasoning has hone into making them. These nests have special arrangements for regulating heat and light e.g. nests of weaver birds. Nests are fabricated for laying eggs and protecting the young ones.