Why is The Census Taken?

            You may have noticed people coming to your house to take census. But have you ever wondered why the government takes the census every ten years? Not much is known about the origin of census. It is said that the population of the world was 85 million in 4000 B.C. it is evident from this fact that the system of census was well developed at that time also. But why is the census taken? The reason for taking census has been different at different times. In ancient times, kings conducted census with a view to assess the number of people fit for fighting in wars. Census was also taken with a view to collect revenue. Earlier, these were two main reasons for taking census. But as time passed, man has derived greater uses for taking census.

Census is taken every ten years

            Census helps in presenting a clear picture of different aspects of population. This helps the government in preparing and executing plans related to education, health, employment, etc. census shows us the increase and decrease in population. It also gives us knowledge of birth rate that helps in making the plans to cater to the needs of people in the future. It also gives the ratio of urban to rural population and is helpful while holding elections only that the number of voters is fixed in a constituency or polling station.

            Besides census also helps in improving the law and order economic social and other conditions.

            The first census in our country was taken in the year 1872. Since then it has been taken every ten years. The latest census was done in the year 2002 during which the population of Indian was found to be 1.06 billion.