Why do We Wear Seat Belts in a Car?

            It has become compulsory for everyone to fasten seat belts while traveling in a car, in most cities of India. According to this rule, if the front seat passenger or driver is found without a fastened seat belt, a penalty has to be paid. It is a new rule I India, but this rule has been existing in the developed countries since long. Do you know why we have to wear seat belts?

Seat Belt

            Seat belts are a very important safety device for a car driver as well s for the person sitting on the front set. If your car stops suddenly or hits another car, the belts hold you in your seat and help to protect you against serious injuries. Let us take a situation in which two cars are moving at 60 kilometers per hour. If these cars hit each other, the force of collision will be 120 kilometers per hour. In such a case, if you are wearing a set belt, you will not be throwing against the windscreen. The belt will hold you in your place. You must just experience a jerk.

            On the other hand, if you have not fastened the seat belt, you could be hurled through the windscreen. As a result, your face might get cut badly. It is also possible that you are thrown out of the car onto the road, and suffer serious injuries. As a driver, without a seat belt, you could also crash into the steering wheel.

            Seat belts have saved many lives all over the world. Nowadays, belts for rear-set passengers are also becoming mandatory.