When did the Scout Movement Begin?

            The scout movement started in 1908, after a book called scouting for boys, was written by the then inspector general of cavalry in the British army, Lt. Col. Sir Robert Baden Powell. Although the author’s basic intention was only to formulate certain guiding principles to be followed by the existing youth organizations, it gave rise to a new movement. In fact, Baden Powell came to be known as the father of the scout movement.

International Scout Insignia

            Baden Powell arranged an experimental camp o brown sea island in Poole Harbour, Dorset, and put his ideas into practice. He believed that the youths should organize themselves in to small groups of six or seven under a leader. Their training should add another dimension to their education by teaching them the art of mapping, signaling rope knotting, first-aid and all other skills needed in camping and outdoor activities.

            A boy becomes a scout by joining a scout troop any time between the age of 11 and 16. before being accepted as a scout, he has to take an oath that he would do his duty to god and his country or sovereign, help other people at all times and obey the scout laws.

            The scout laws are: 1. a scout is to be trusted, 2. a scout is loyal, 3. a scout is friendly and considerate, 4. a scout is a brother to all other scouts, 5. a scout has courage in all difficulties, 6. a scout makes good use of his time and cares for others possessions and property, 7. a scout has respect for himself and for others.

            Almost of the entire scout activities are based on the patrol, which is the primary unit in scouting. The patrol leader takes part in planning ad running of activities. This does not mean that each patrol works on its own. The patrols regularly come together for troop meetings and activities. The scouts from different patrols may even work for a particular proficiency badge in which they share a common interest. The traditional scouting activities are hiking camping and pioneering.

            Scouting today is a world wide movement. There is a Boy Scout’s world committee, elected by the Boy Scout world’s Conference, which comprises all National Member Associations and meets every two years.