What is the Principle on Which an Autopilot Works?

           Can an aircraft fly on its own while the pilot takes his hands off the controls and rests? Today it is possible, and most modern aircraft have autopilots. It is a device operated b a computer that takes over the controls of the aircraft and guides it. An aircraft can fly without the pilot touching the controls. These autopilots can even control takeoffs and landings.

            The principles on which an autopilots works is similar to the automatic steering system of ships, but here three gyroscopic sensors and their associated equipment are used to control the three variables in an aircraft that help it move.

            An aircraft with autopilot has the following parts:
            1. Ailerons control rolls  2. Elevators controls pitch   3. Rudder controls yaw    4. Gyroscopic altitude sensors   5. Computer    6. Radio or radar receiver      7. Servo motor rubber

            These three variables are yaw, pitch and roll. The complex autopilot system uses an onboard computer, which activates servomotors for introducing necessary corrections. A radio or radar link between the computer and the ground controls at the airport assists the aircrafts in takeoffs and landings.