What is a Cable Car?

            Have you ever traveled in a cable car? A cable car is a cabin hung from cable slung between towers. Cableways are usually made in hilly terrain across steep cliffs where roads are difficult to make our traveling takes a long time. They are also called ropeways. These are very common in Switzerland. You can see ropeways in India, (Haridwar and Mussoorie).

Cable Car

            Most cable cars run in pairs in such a way that the power needed to make one work is used by the other. Besides, counterbalancing is also achieved. This is known as funicular system. Each cable car hung’s forma steel suspension cable by means of a metal frame. The metal frame has grooved wheels that rest on the cable.

            A haulage cable pulls each car along. This cable is fixed to the cars and looped around a drum at the top of the cableway. An electric motor at the top hauls the cable to one side and pulls it out on the other, so that as one car goes up another comes down.

            Brakes may act on a third cable to stop the car. The journey by cable car offers a beautiful bird’s eye view of the landscape below.